We all want to look our best. Caring for our appearance boosts feelings of positivity and self-esteem – think of it as self-care. Skincare and haircare are important self-care routines for many of us, so why do we neglect eyelash care? It’s crazy – eyelashes highlight our natural beauty. No wonder so many of us dream of long, perfect lashes. Let Bondi Lash Lab help you achieve long and thick eyelashes naturally.


There are many tips and tricks to help your lashes grow long and beautiful.  Let’s dive straight in:

1: Try BLL Eyelash Growth Serum. There are many different eyelash serums on the market, but our serum is scientifically formulated with Biotin to enhance the thickness of your lashes within 16 weeks. Highly recommended for longer and thicker lashes.

2: Moisturize your lashes with Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil helps stimulate eyelash growth – it’s a natural way to make your lashes grow thicker and faster. It also has antimicrobial properties and is safe and gentle for the delicate eye area.

3: Drink Green Tea. You might have seen supermodels with glossy hair sipping green tea. It offers numerous health benefits and is a proven and effective way to improve your lash health. Drinking green tea will help your lashes grow faster.

4: Try Shea Butter. Shea Butter is one of the most intense natural moisturizers.  Keep your eyelashes moisturized for healthy eyelash growth.

5:Never sleep with your eye makeup on. We know it is tempting to sleep in your makeup after a late night, but you will regret it in the morning.  Dried mascara can leave your lashes brittle and prone to breakage and irritation. Your lashes are just as sensitive as your eyes, so stick to trusted eyelash products and check the expiry date.


You can trust Bondi Lash Lab  - we are experts in safe, effective eyelash care. Your lashes deserve to be part of your self-care routine!