yes angels .. we know , don’t deny it . you need a fresh set of lashes but your lash salon is fully booked for the next two weeks . perfect ! you’ve just secured an appointment but wait your schedule is out of control . yes we know you have a million things to do . you are thinking , how will I ever have time to lay down for an hour while I get my lashes done right ? only to put yourself through the same stress in two weeks time .. with no solution .. an appointment that’s almost impossible to book , only to damage your natural lashes which in future will diminish your natural lashes creating fall out and prevent growth and you become addicted to the false cycle ? if you’re still doing that in 2020 angels you need to get your priorities straight . oh and don’t worry we were once there also . that’s why we’re bringing you the new Australian Eyelash Revolution - BONDI LASH LAB . are your lashes driving you forward or crazy ? think about it angels . BONDI LASH LAB - signature kit is your new true love . what dreams are made of , literally .. whether you’re going for a natural look or full glam , BONDI LASH LAB - signature kit has you covered . x