Can Lash Growth Serums Be Used For The Eyebrows?

Lashes and eyebrows give a great highlight to one’s face. Beautifully groomed eyelashes and eyebrows have this magic-like ability to make changes in your face that you wouldn't need so much effort fixing it along with your makeup.

Let’s admit it - not everyone was gifted with both naturally beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. Some are struggling with having thin eyebrows, while some are struggling with having short eyelashes. Until the Eyelash growth serums came into the limelight - and just like that, eyelash problems were solved.

 But what about those who are struggling with their eyebrows? Is there any product that will help them get out of their nightmare?

A lot of people are asking this out of their curiosity - “Can I use this lash growth serum on my eyebrows?”  Because, of course, if it does work effectively on the eyelashes, then maybe it might work on the eyebrows, too right?

To answer that question, yes, some lash growth serums are really safe to use as well on the eyebrows. You just need to make sure that the ingredients are safe on the skin, and have proven effectiveness.

It shouldn’t be kept a secret that what makes your eyelash grow can be used to grow your eyebrows as well. Which is why we at Bondi Lash + Brow Lab has formulated a serum that is best for both your eyelash and eyebrows! No need to question if you can use it whether on the lash or the brows, it is made perfect for both! 

Our Lash and Brow Growth Serum is the most powerful eyelash serum on the market, WHICH DOESN’T CONTAIN PROSTAGLANDIN (found in many other eyelash serums, causing skin pigmentation and discoloration). We also made it Paraben-free and Sulfate-free to ensure you won’t experience any side effects like what you can get with most cosmetics.

Nothing can go wrong with having beautifully groomed eyelashes and eyebrows. You’ll love them even more because they are natural. You can even save more as you say goodbye to expensive lash lifts and extensions and eyebrow tattoo sessions. No more faking, just more confidence!

Slay effortlessly with your natural look, with the help of Bondi Lash Lab’s Lash and Brow Growth Serum!