We have so many fabulous occasions to celebrate: birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. We love giving presents to show our love and thanks, and we love getting them too! But life is busy, and sometimes these celebrations sneak upon us. Before you know it, you need to find the perfect gift – fast. You thought you had it covered. Then you realize you have forgotten someone special. What do you do?

You could send them a gift card, but you know deep down that gifts are more personal  – it shows you have thought of them. But last-minute shopping can be a nightmare. Let Bondi Lash Lab give you some last-minute gift ideas – whether you are shopping for your mom, sister, bestie, workmates or partner. We have something they will love.

Gift Ideas for All Occasions from Bondi Lash Lab

  Bondi Lash Lab - Signature Kit

Volume up your lashes the natural way with Bondi Lash Lab Signature Kit. Our kit includes magnetic liner instead of messy glue and a pair of elegant, faux mink lashes – the perfect present for someone who loves falsies and has her local salon on speed dial.

  Bondi Lash Lab Makeup Remover

  • This perfect gift goes hand in hand with our Signature Kit.  BLL Makeup Remover gently removes our magnetic falsies and eyeliner without irritating the sensitive eye area. It even nourishes and feeds your lashes to encourage healthy growth. Fans of falsies will love you.

  Bondi Lash Lab Magnetic Eyeliner

We all know someone who won’t be seen dead without their eyeliner – we all need a bit of definition. BLL Magnetic Eyeliner is a game-changer for falsie fans - they can finally say goodbye to messy, irritating eyelash glue. Our Magnetic Eyeliner is safe, attaches in minutes, and is easy to remove. 

  Bondi Lash Lab Eyelash Serum

Our hero product is the perfect present for those dreaming of longer and fuller natural eyelashes. BLL Eyelash Serum is the most powerful eyelash serum on the market without Prostaglandin (found in many other eyelash serums and linked to skin pigmentation). Best results within in 16 weeks.




  Bondi Max Lash Kit



Everyone is obsessed with this fantastic bundle.  If you want to go all out for someone special,  Bondi Max Lash Kit is the ultimate gift. It’s excellent value: Lashes + Liner + Remover + Serum all in one – your lashes are sorted. 


The next time you need a last-minute gift, don’t rush to the mall in a panic. Bondi Lash Lab has you covered.