How to Help Your Lash + Brows Grow - No Falsies Required

Are you insecure about your short eyelashes even after trying out a lot of ways to make them longer? Chill, girl. There is something you might want to know first before trying out another way to make your lashes grow.

There are possible reasons according to dermatologists why eyelashes are short or getting short. It has something to do with the products that you might be using often such as mascara or medicated eye drops which makes your lashes become brittle and fragile causing it to break or fall out. Another reason is you might be rubbing your eyes frequently where your lashes are getting pulled out prematurely.

Now that you know what you might be doing with your eyelashes and why they are short, let’s now talk about how to make them grow with no falsies required.


Helping your eyelashes to grow strong and long

There are a lot of ways on how you can make your eyelashes grow and that doesn’t always include falsies. These are some DIY hacks that will help you achieve your dream eyelashes without spending so much on ineffective ways:


  • Olive oil
    • Olive oils are said to be effective in helping eyelashes improve their strength and length as they contain natural fatty acids that moisturizes and softens the eyelashes.
  • Vitamin E oil
    • This has been used by famous beauty vloggers as it promotes stronger and more moiturized eyelashes. Some people prefer to mix it with castor oil or coconut oil.
  • Comb your eyalahes
    • If you haven’t done this before, then maybe now is the time. Combing your eyelashes will help it not only to appear longer but also to promote growth. 
  • Use Eyelash Serums
    • This is the one of the most recommended ways to grow eyelashes naturally. Eyelash serums are made effective by peptides and biotin that promotes hair growth. And guess what, they are also safe to use for your eyebrows.

    There are a lot of brands right now where you can get lash growth serums, however, not all brands can stand their claims. Some are just saying they are the best even if they are not effective or they are leaving some side effects because of what they contain.

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    It is made paraben and sulfate free , 100% vegan, cruelty free and non toxic. Plus it doesn’t contain prostaglandin (found in many other eyelash serums) that may cause skin pigmentation and discoloration. 

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