How to Take Care of your Eyebrows at Home

This pandemic has taken away almost everything from us - the time we used to spend on travelling, bonding with family and friends, taking a break from work, running some errands and pampering or “me time” -  as we were required to stay at home in order to be safe from the virus. In just a blink of an eye, things around us changed a lot and we cannot do everything the way we used to. But life must go on, and we have no choice but to adapt to the changes brought about by this pandemic especially that we still cannot see the end of this yet.

A lot of businesses around the globe have been greatly affected by the lockdown that was implemented in order to keep things under control - they needed to close down temporarily, while unfortunately some had to close down permanently. Most businesses affected were those that have daily face to face transactions with customers such as stores, shops, spas, clinics and salons. If your favorite salon or spa is one of those many businesses that had to close down during the lockdown,  then you must be worried about your beauty maintenance. 

It actually doesn’t matter if your hair or your nails grow long as you can maintain them easily. But what most people struggle to maintain is the eyebrows. Let’s admit it, sometimes, eyebrows are best maintained by our trusted salon person. But since we are not allowed to go out and get to the salon anytime we want to, we should learn how to do it ourselves.

If you have been doing this or maybe you are used to grooming your eyebrows all on your own then lucky you, that’s a great advantage. But if you are one of those who struggle maintaining their eyebrows, then let us share with you some ways on how to take care of your eyebrows while at home.

Eyebrow Care 101

  • Make sure to keep it moisturized

  • Keeping your eyebrows moisturized is very important as this can reduce the chances of premature aging and sagging skin which can affect your eyebrow’s shape. 

  • Condition your brows

  • This may sound strange if you really haven't done it before, but conditioning your eyebrows is a must. If you are experiencing eyebrow hair loss, then that is a sign that your eyebrows are weak and might be in need of conditioning. If you are thinking of the conditioning you are doing after shampooing your hair, yes it is exactly what it is, but you must use Brow Conditioner to avoid rashes or irritation. You can use coconut oil or castor oil , just add vitamin E for an extra boost. 

  • Trim your eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows grow very long and fast. In just a matter of weeks you will notice that it grows thicker and spreads out of shape. That’s what we hate to happen. 

    Just like trimming your hair, or your bangs, doing it on your eyebrows can be a disaster too. Which is why most of us are leaving it to the experts. But being in a lockdown for not only a month or two, you will not be happy with how your brows will turn out so it is still better to trim it but just make sure to use brow scissors and follow some steps to make it successful. If you don’t own a pair of brow scissors, just leave it alone. Using ordinary scissors will just leave it botchy and we don’t want that. 

  • Use brow soap to keep it in shape. 
  • Brow soaps have been very popular during this lockdown as it is a great tool to groom the brows. It gives it a great shape, and strong hold that makes thin eyebrows look fuller.

    At Bondi Lash Lab, we understand if you are still hesitant to do anything with your eyebrows. That is completely fine. If you really cannot have the guts to do the maintenance process by yourself, just leave your eyebrows alone until you can have the chance to revisit your eyebrows specialist and get them fixed the way they used to. But know that we are here to help you on your eyebrow maintenance journey to give some tips and tricks and products that will be best for you.

    Remember, just like any other part of your body, give your eyebrows TLC too!