4 Major Eyelash Rules Every Woman Should Follow

4 Major Eyelash Rules Every Woman Should Follow

You might be all decked up for the party; however, without a few coats of mascara, you may not be able to achieve the desired look. But, you will be shocked to know that your favourite product can damage your lashes, especially if you use waterproof mascara since it gets very challenging to remove it. 

Plus, the tugging and pulling we do on our lashes can result in the development of aging signs in the eye area. Therefore, it is important to be gentle with your lashes for the eye area to look youthful for many years to come.

Below, we have listed the top five major eyelash rules every woman should follow! 

1. Avoid repetitive lash extension treatments: Repeatedly getting eyelash extensions or falsies can rip out the eyelashes or damage the follicle, resulting in them not growing back in. The liquid eyeliner can also lead to a chemical reaction that cements the glue to the natural lashes and forces them to fall out. 

You should always check the ingredients of the glue used to stick the falsies. Moreover, some false lashes contain latex or formaldehyde, which can be dangerous for your natural lashes. 

2. Apply an eyelash-enhancing serum before putting on makeup: The eyelash growth serum can boost hair growth directly from the root underneath your skin. Apply the lash growth serum to clean the lashes and remove any excess serum with a cotton ball. However, do not expect results overnight. The natural lash growth cycle is around eight weeks. It may take even upto four months for your lashes to get that fluttery look.

3. Remove eye makeup gently: Sleeping with your makeup on is a big no! Remove your makeup before you sleep, especially the mascara, as it can break your lashes while you sleep. Also, do not use too much pressure to wipe off the mascara as it can irritate the follicles, resulting in slow growth of the lashes. Using non-pH-balanced soaps and cleansers with an alcohol base can also push the hair follicles into a non-growth or ‘latent’ phase. 

Hold a cleansing solution-drenched cotton pad over the eyelid for 30 seconds to loosen the mascara, and then swipe away the product. 

4. Use mascara with care: You should replace your mascara with a new one every three months, even if there is enough left to use. Mascara dries over time and can possibly transmit bacteria into your eyes. 

Also, apply mascara only on the tips of your lashes; never apply it from root to tip, as it can be abrasive and harsh on the lashes, resulting in tearing

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