6 Mascara Hacks Every Girl Needs Up Her Sleeve

6 Mascara Hacks Every Girl Needs Up Her Sleeve

Mascara is no less than a magic wand that can make your eyes look instantly bigger and your lashes, voluminous. Additionally, you should have a lash brow gel that can care for your lashes, providing them volume and fullness. Together, the two can glam up your look in no time!

Below, we have listed the top six mascara hacks every girl needs to know! 

  1. Dust translucent powder on your lashes: This is one of the most essential mascara hacks you must know, as it will add volume to your lashes. Before you apply mascara, dust some translucent powder on your lashes and ensure that you apply only a thin layer of the same. Then, finally, coat your lashes with mascara and if you want more volume, let the first coat dry and repeat the steps. 
  2. Use a clean spoolie to prevent clumping: Every woman hates it when her mascara gets all clumped up, and the entire look is spoiled. However, worry not! This hack will save you from the hassle — after applying the mascara, swipe a spoolie along the lashes to separate them and extract all extra product, giving you a neat look. 
  3. Use the wiggle-n-swipe technique: Instead of the usual upward strokes, wiggle the mascara wand around the root and swipe it upwards. It will give you voluminous lashes around the roots. 
  4. Clean your mascara wand: The leftover mascara on your wand can clump up and dry out faster. Therefore, clean the wand with a tissue before using it, as it will remove any excess product.
  5. Use oil to avoid clumping: Despite being careful, the mascara can get clumpy because of air exposure. Fret not! Use some coconut, castor, or almond oil to make it smoother. You can also mix some lash brow gel to get the job done. However, start small and keep checking the consistency to avoid making it look too oily. 
  6. Maintain the curl you created: You must use your eyelash curler before you apply the mascara to avoid pulling on them too much. If you curl your lashes, make sure to maintain them with the mascara application. You can also use a lash growth gel to maintain the perfect curl you spent hours creating. 

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