Proven Ways to Grow Your Lashes and Brows Naturally

Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, feeling unhappy with your thin eyebrows and short eyelashes and thinking of ways to make it grow? 

It’s frustrating how make ups and salon sessions like lash lift / extension and eyebrow tattoo could be pretty expensive. Most people would rather go for these to cover up their brows and lashes problems, but, it's not for everyone as  for some, it is something not so worth it, or some would still go for the natural looking option.

If eyelash extensions and eyebrow tattoo is never an option for you, here are some proven ways to grow your lashes and brows naturally.

  • Just let them grow
    • When our eyebrows start to get a bit thick, some of us manage it by threading or plucking. Little do we know that getting our eyebrows over plucked damages the hair follicles which is why some don’t grow anymore. Another factor could be the clogging of the follicles due to various make ups that we might be using in a day. In order to increase the volume of the eyebrows, it is advised to clean the face thoroughly to ensure there are no leftover residues of makeup and make a room for the hair to grow.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
    • Fruits and vegetables have natural vitamins that may contribute to help the eyelash and eyebrows to grow fuller and thicker. Start eating more fruits and veggies and see it for yourself!
  • Kinda weird but yeah, try onion juice
  • You might be wondering how and why but here’s the thing - onions have amazing beneficial effects in helping the eyebrows. It’s undeniable how terrible it smells and it has something in it that makes us cry but onions contain catalase which reduces the buildup of hydrogen peroxide in our hair . Just make sure not to apply it to your lashes to avoid the burning sensation in the eyes.

  • Replace mascaras with growth serums
    • Most of us think that mascaras help our eyelash to grow and look longer and thicker. This may be true at some point but some of us have no clue of what is actually in our mascara. We tend to buy expensive cosmetics from famous brands as they convince us that they really work because they are expensive, but truth be told, they are only fooling us all. Now instead of buying expensive mascaras that makes you believe that they make your eyelash grow, replace them with serums. There are lash and brow growth serums out there that will surely help your eyelash and eyebrows to grow the way you want them to. They are way cheaper than mascaras, plus they are actually a 100x more effective if you want your lash and brows to grow naturally.

    If you’ve been wishing to have iconic lashes and brows like those of your favorite models, then how about you do something already to achieve it? It doesn’t always need to break the bank for you to achieve it.

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