6 Ways to Use Your Clear Eyebrow Gel

6 Ways to Use Your Clear Eyebrow Gel

Ask any makeup lover or beauty expert, and they'll unanimously agree that brows are essential to define your face. Some people want a bolder brow than they naturally have and use tattoos, brow products, or a combination of the two to achieve that look. However, they miss out on the magic ingredient — clear eyebrow gel! It can be built up and layered and does not cause any harm to our natural hair. We all love using a brow gel to groom and shape our brows. In fact, it is perfect for people with super thick brows that need direction. 

Do you know the best part about brow growth gels? Well, you can use it for various purposes!

Below, we have listed the top six ways to use your clear eyebrow gel.

  1. As mascara: Of course, everyone knows you can use an eyebrow styling gel as mascara when you do not want your lashes or brows to stand out. It will help you look groomed without looking overdone and allows your lashes to hold a defined curl a bit longer on a natural makeup/no-makeup day. 
  2. For beard grooming: This can be a payback moment for all the times you stole your significant other's hoodie. They can use the gel to slick their mustache in place and smooth out the patchy areas, giving them a more polished look. Since the formula is lightweight and dry clean, it is a great alternative to beard wax. 
  3. To tame flyaways: Talking about grooming a beard, even women's hair needs a lot of taming and grooming. Therefore, instead of repetitive use of hairspray, use an eyebrow styling gel to make your hair look smooth and slick. 
  4. For general hairstyling: You can style and smoothen your entire hairline using an eyebrow gel. It will keep your hair in place without making it look sticky or gloppy. 
  5. For styling color-treated eyebrow hair: When you color or dye your hair, ensure that your eyebrows also match them. Based on the color, an eyebrow styling gel is the best option to give you polished-looking brows that also look natural. 
  6. To condition lashes and brows: If you're a DIY lover, the "Love Brow Gel" is your go-to! Achieve luscious lashes and brows with this perfect DIY conditioner. It will boost hair growth and support healthy lash and brow strands. 

About Bondi Lash Lab

Now that you know the various ingenious uses of eyebrow gel, it is time to buy one. At Bondi Lash Lab, we offer the best eyebrow products to help you achieve salon-like results at home. We work closely with Australia's best natural research labs to develop products backed by solid science and a focus on natural ingredients. We also deliver grooming services with professional results in the comfort of your own home. For more information, send an email to info@bondilashlab.com or fill out our contact form.
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